• Meet Our Founder

    Katesha S. Broadus, LCSW


    Village Mindset, LLC was founded on August 3, 2017, in Hampton, Virginia, by Katesha S. Broadus. During this time Ms. Broadus was a single mother, unemployed, dealing with caregiver challenges as an Autism parent, building her career as a social worker, and trying to divorce an absentee spouse. Miles away from her primary support system in Raleigh, NC. She had the vision to create an organization that helped other military spouses not feel so isolated and alone while raising children when transitioning out of the military community who encountered similar challenges such as:

    • College Students w/children
    • Separation & Divorce Support
    • Resentment towards Co-Parent
    • Relationship Distress
    • New Parent/Postpartum Support
    • Emotional/Psychological Abuse
    • Managing maternal guilt/shame
    • Maternal Depression

    “The child who is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth.”

    – African proverb

    During her clinical work with couples & families as well as her experiences with friends and family she saw an additional need for support for those who were dealing with:

    • Co-Parenting Conflict/ Role Confusion due to lack of Boundaries
    • Stepfamily/ Blended family conflict
    • Stress Regarding Deployments on Service Members & Dependents
    • Life After the Military/Reintegration into the Family System
    • Absentee Motherhood/Fatherhood, Re-engaging in Late Adulthood
    • Surviving the Teenage Years: Sex, Social Media, Dating
    • Long-distance vs. Cohabitation issues
    • Effective Communication & Conflict Resolution Skills
    • Conflicting Parenting Styles
    • Children Misconduct/Disobedience
    • Financial stress
    • Concerns around Online Dating with Children
    • Work/Life Balance for Parents


    Ms. Broadus noted that in the Black community, rarely do we grow up being taught how to engage in family planning, mate selection, courtship, dating, communication styles, conflict resolution, how to find and sustain love, healthy vs. toxic relationship traits (Domestic/Family Violence), or how to break-up cordially. So it’s no wonder why the rates of divorce and single-parent households are continuously rising. The topics of co-parenting, blended families, children out of wedlock, and cohabitation are not discussed as well. Yet, these family dynamics describe a lot of our family households. Single parents often find themselves needing support to create a new foundation to stand on when the family unit has dissolved. Ms. Broadus sought out to create an organization that provided support when the village collapsed for those that wanted to heal, repair, and rebuild. So she founded, Village Mindset, LLC to establish a new normal when it comes to love, relationships, & family within the Black community.