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    Couples Counseling

    Pre-marital & Couples Counseling

    Village Mindset offers couples counseling to all types of couples. Ranging from those that are dating with a purpose, courting with the intent to marry, married seeking to repair and rebuild their connection, couples that are step-coupling, co-parenting, cohabitating, planning for a wedding, a new baby’s arrival, contemplating separation/divorce, rebuilding trust after infidelity, military couples trying to thrive during deployments, couples that recently experienced the loss of a child, couples that have more fights then they do sex, couples with conflicting parenting styles, communication styles, conflicting financial management skills/goals, conflict religions/spiritual believes, and couples struggling to blended their family systems, and cultural/race/ethnic backgrounds.

    Each of us has our own pattern of communicating which may be defined by our upbringing, personality styles and other influences in our lives. Counseling can enhance our relationships by improving listening skills and understanding our partner’s point of view. Couples counseling can teach you alternative ways to handle conflict to prevent having the same arguments over and over again without any resolution. If you are ready to start to feel like you are being seen, heard, and validated by your partner, and rediscover intimacy. Lets get back to the lovemaking! Contact us today!