• Parent Therapy

    People assume that parenting is something that should just come naturally to a mom or dad. Especially since we had fun making our babies, and that seems so natural, right? Ask any parent raising a Black child in today’s world, and they will admit that their child tests their gangsta daily.

    My children’s godmother, Kenyetta Hall, coined the phrase…

    “Team Too Much”

    Let’s face it, sometimes, our children are proud members of “Team Too Much” and they drive us bananas. We still love them to pieces. It is okay to admit when you need a break! The staff at Village Mindset, want you to know that you are not alone on this journey.

    The challenges associated with bringing up any child, whether they are a rebellious teen, a teen parent, a young and gifted student, or a child with special needs, are numerous and at times overwhelming. Parents may turn to a number of defense mechanisms that will ultimately worsen the issue. Parent therapy helps parents to manage their stress levels and helps them to develop healthy coping skills, which in turn provides a healthier more stable home environment. This reduces the risk for out-of-home place, CPS referrals, maternal/paternal depression, kinship care placement, and conflicts with co-parenting. Our licensed therapists work with parents to help reduce their stress, learn effective disciplining styles that reduce unwanted behaviors, managing their emotions, improving their self-esteem, and strengthen the parent-child relationship.