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    Assessments & Evaluations

    Mental Health Assessments

    Mental Health Assessments are provided by our Licensed, Pre-Licensed Mental Health providers, and Graduate Interns in order to assess for various symptoms relating to mental and behavioral health disorders. This type of assessment is a comprehensive clinical assessment that can also be utilized as the first step in the treatment process. This diagnostic exam is available as a standalone service for diagnostic clarification or as part of enrollment in any of our services with us here at Village Mindset.


    Biopsychosocial & Needs Assessments

    Biopsychosocial and Needs Assessments are provided by our Case Managers, and Family & Life Coaches for Individuals, Family/Couples Life Coaching, and Case Management services. These assessments help to determine the current areas of focus for sessions and strategic planning to help move our clients from where they are to where they want to be in their lives. Needs Assessments are provided as a standalone service and can also be utilized for case management services for clients enrolled in therapy and service coordination services within our agency. ‚Äč