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    Relationship Coaching

    Let’s face it the dating world has changed. Traditional dating and courtship have evolved. Online dating can be a very scary world to operate in, especially if you suffer from social anxiety disorder. Dating as a young adult or single parent can be tough and sometimes disappointing. If you are dating with children that have special needs, we are here to help you address that voice in your head telling you that you will never find love. You will never find someone that will love and accept your children.

    Perhaps you are recently divorced, someone with more than one “baby mama or baby daddy” or someone that believes they are “damaged goods”…whatever your reason is for thinking you suck at dating. Just know we are here to help you on your journey of love!

    Our licensed therapist, consultants, and village coaches work together to help our clients with mate selection, develop communication skills, conflict resolution skills, build trust, improve intimacy, and explore the types of relationship styles that will work best for them. We are with you from the creation of your profile, first date, to when you make it down to the alter. We want to make sure that the lovers in our village are successful at balancing the demands of life and experience unconditional love.

    Ask us about the Prepare/Enrich program!